Our Values

Home of Hope is steered by a set of core values that
determine our services, policies and practices

We are a faith based organisation:

This organisation was born out of a calling from God.
It is a God-centered and God-led organisation.

We are for children:

We work for the improvement of children by addressing their individual needs.
We believe that each child has a voice and encourage them to express it.
We believe that each child is unique and should not be discriminated against.
We speak for those that can't speak for themselves.

We persevere:

We see hope in every child.
We find each child's strength and help them defeat their weaknesses.
Regardless of the most difficult challenges, we strive to find solutions for improvement of each individual's life.

We are not held back:

We have a culture of learning; continuously seeking and responding to change.
We strive to provide leadership in our field of work.
We continuously evaluate ourselves, providing credit and criticism where it is required.

We are a team:

We nurture an energetic and vibrant working environment where staff is provided with a supportive network through training and development.
We are transparent.
We do not discriminate.

We are directed in our work:

We regularly review our operations resulting in clear direction.
We are guided by honesty and integrity, maintaining accountability to all our stakeholders.
Seeking optimal results through continuous research and development of best practice models.

We are outward focussed:

We work in partnership with relevant stakeholders for the well-being of South African children.
We strive for excellence in all we do.
We stay true to what we believe in.

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