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In South Africa, neglect and abuse of children is pervasive, aggravated by high income and wealth inequity, poverty and unemployment. In 2011 alone 50,688 children were reported victims of violent crime. Of that total:

  • 793 were killed
  • 25,862 were sexually assaulted;
  • and 10,630 were assaulted with intention to do grievous bodily harm.

In addition to abuse and neglect, many of these children also suffer from a relatively little known condition called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). FASD is permanent brain damage caused by pre-natal exposure to alcohol.

South Africa has the highest rate of FASD in the world where over 70,000 children are born every year suffering from this condition.

More than 70% of abused and neglected children coming into our care suffer from FASD. These children have neurological, emotional and learning disabilities and require care that is tailored to their special needs.

Home of Hope is uniquely structured to overcome the challenges of caring for children suffering from FASD. We provide a loving and stable home environment, we address the child’s emotional and therapeutic needs and also facilitate their schooling, be that in a mainstream or our special needs school, Amathemba - the first and only school in South Africa catering to children with FASD.

Our work has a long-term, sustainable impact by equipping children with essential life and social skills and encouraging their integration into the local community in which they live.

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