Talib's story

Talib has been in Home of Hope’s care since he was eight months old. His mother lived on the streets and couldn’t look after him; she would often fall asleep on the side of the road leaving him vulnerable to traffic and strangers.

Talib has only seen his mother three times in his life, but he believed and used to tell others that she will come fetch him one day. He believed she could not come to fetch him because her car was broken.

Talib is a very serious little boy, with many behavioural and emotional problems and he also suffers from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Talib really battles with his emotions and he often used to get fits of rage. However, since starting at Amathemba school in 2011 - the first and only school in South Africa specifically for children with FASD - he has learnt through targeted therapy how to better manage his emotions.

He is making wonderful progress and we are so proud of him. He is now reading and writing and is a great cricket player.

His foster mother says, “He now understands that Home of Hope is his family and that his real mother won’t be coming back. He seems to have accepted this and knows that he is loved by all of us in Home of Hope”. 

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