Nombeko's story

Nombeko is a twelve year old girl whose mother is an alcoholic and used to beat her over the head with sticks. Her mother would often go out and leave her at home alone in the township they lived in.

Once her mother forgot to leave the shack open for Nombeko and only came back late that night, completely drunk. When she found Nombeko outside she got angry at her for being there and burned her legs with hot water.

Nombeko is a lovely young lady, soft spoken and very well behaved. She came to live in one of Home of Hope’s foster homes in 2008. Luckily she is still able to attend mainstream school where she loves to sing in the choir. She is doing very well at school and has bright hopes for the future.

Her teacher says “Nombeko is such a lovely child. She is really helpful in class and always does her best in her school work. We have high hopes for her progressing to matric and with the right support maybe even going on to third level education”. 

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