Koyo's story

Koyo was the result of an affair his mother had. She didn’t want him nor did she want her husband to know about him so she abandoned him right after he was born. She explained this to the Social Workers that she didn’t want Koyo and when they went to look for her to discuss options she could not be found.

Koyo is a real character, he is 6 years also and talks a lot. With his big brown eyes and charming smile he melts the hearts of all who meet him. Koyo absolutely loves food, perhaps he might be a chef one day.

For now he lives in one of Home of Hope’s foster homes and attends Amathemba school – our school for children with special needs. We hope though that through the therapy given by Amathemba that he may one day be able to attend mainstream school.

His teacher says, “Koyo is such a character. He is such a bright boy. He can be hyperactive but we love his energy and enthusiasm. The class would be very dull without him”. 

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