Working Care Farm

At Home of Hope, like any family with special needs children, we asked ourselves the question “What will happen to our children as adults?”

Sunhome farm provides a wide-range of agricultural based activities, linking the care of land, animals with that of physically and intellectually challenged young people. Within a therapeutic environment which is uniquely set up to ensure that they feel safe, valued, involved and dignified in meaningful accomplishments.

  • The gardens and agricultural activities are used as the foundation from which we support mental and physical health for vulnerable young people by incorporating daily farming activities.
  • Provides work opportunity for young people with special needs giving them a sense of self-worth and the opportunity to earn income.
  • Develop skills that can be utilised for work in the open labour market within the agriculture sector.
  • Functional learning.
  • Sustainable income ensuring the future of the project is sustainable.

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