Community Support Programmes

Mentoring and Parent Support

We understand that caregivers of children with FASD carry a huge physical and emotional burden and they often have no support in the challenge of raising these children.

In response, Home of Hope runs a Mentor and Parent Support Programme.

Support is given to the family by a mentor who visits the family on a regular basis and assists them in the following ways:


  • Giving them information on FASD and providing them with practical support and interventions to address the challenges they face with their children.
  • Information on FASD is given to extended family members as well as to the communities in which these children live.
  • The mentor works with caregivers, family members and service providers to find ways of changing the child’s environment to suit the child’s needs.
  • Families are helped to become strong and independent so that they can help other families in their communities whose children suffer from FASD and other neuro-developmental disorders.

This programme is a free service offered by Home of Hope and continues only with the kind support of donors and benefactors.

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Professional Training

We increase awareness about FASD amongst professionals, such as teachers, nurses, social workers and prison officers, and educate them on identifying and working with people who suffer from the condition.

To date we have given training workshops to safety houses, foster homes, people who run prison programs, students in UCT and the University of Stellenbosch, hospital/clinic nurses and supervisors, legal aid criminal lawyers, community workers and school doctors/nurses.

The professional training consists of an overview of FASD and a presentation tailor made to the needs of the professional audience.

The Professional Training is a free service offered by Home of Hope and continues only with the kind support of donors and benefactors.

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