Child & Youth Care

We believe that if a child is given a stable, loving, and supportive home environment they will flourish.

Unfortunately finding long term and successful placements for children who bear the effects of FASD or similar developmental disorders is far and few. We have made it our mission to create as far as possible a home environment within a structured environment that allows for control and supervision for children such as these.

Since 2014 Home of Hope has had a dream of evolving and moving from our “Cluster Foster Home Scheme” to a registered CYCC (Child and Youth Care Centre) We are very pleased to say that after a lot of hard work and help from our loyal Donors we were able to make that dream come true. In August 2018 Home of Hope was thrilled to announce that our application was approved and we are now running as a Child and Youth Care Centre. Our newly registered Child and Youth Care Centre allows for service rendering that is specifically tailored to meet the individual and unique needs we have identified in our children.

In looking after 25 children we aim to provide a holistic service that strives to equip our children to reach their unique potential regardless of where they come from or have experienced prior. We aim to keep their living environment as normal and stable as possible by providing long term care so that we can allow for them to become equipped and responsible members of society thus breaking the stigma that has been brought on by their disability.

We strive to teach our children basic responsibilities and practical life skills by giving them tasks and chores in and around their home, we teach social and emotional skills through various structured programmes and “in the moment teaching” in their everyday lives.
Our staff are handpicked with our family-culture in mind and we are proud of their willingness to learn together with our children and to go the extra mile in providing services in our ever developing care model.

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