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Did you love working with us in a past life and want to carry on making a contribution? Perhaps, like many of our volunteers, you live outside of South Africa and want to continue supporting us back in your home country. If so, we’d love to hear from you! Please do get in touch on info@homeofhope.co.za with any ideas or suggestions you have.


My journey with Home of Hope started in 2008. I was on vacation in Cape Town with my husband.Across the road where we stayed, I saw children going in and out of a house and was curious to know more. When I rang the door of that house, met Eleanor, CEO of Home of Hope, and a couple of children, I knew from that moment, I would be going back to that house for a very long time.

I am an Italian-South African married to a Dutch man, living in Holland and going on vacation to Cape Town nearly every year. At that time, 2008, I had left my job and wanted to do something with my time that would bring meaning to my life. After meeting Eleanor, I booked a ticket for Cape Town and went to work as a first time volunteer at Home of Hope for 6 weeks. Those weeks were very intense. Taking care of children with enormous issues, different traumas, FAS (Fetal alcohol syndrome) and HIV touched my heart. Working at Home of Hope finally made me feel that my life had meaning. I was/am contributing to the change in the lives of those children.

My tasks in Home of Hope have varied a lot during these 7 years. Just to name a few: I took care of the children in every way, I became neurotherapist and give the children neurofeedback therapy, I do fundraising in Europe for Home of Hope and I contributed to the development of Amathemba school (a special needs school set up by Home of Hope).

Till today, I love every moment of my stay at Home of Hope. It is intense, hard work, full of challenges and yet so rewarding. My contribution to Home of Hope and love for the children has changed my life and has made me a better person. I am so grateful to have the chance to give my contribution to the dedicated Home of Hope: 100% for the children and for its community.

Luisa De Angelis - Holland 

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